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Resiliency is our capacity to bounce back from adversity.

 It’s less of a trait—something we have or we don’t; and more of a skill—something we can learn and develop.  Being resilient doesn’t mean you’re a superhero—it means you’re a human on the path toward healing.  

Hi, I’m Geoff Whiteman, the founder of  I’m also a missionary kid who’s been serving missionaries since 2007.   I know from experience that all missionaries face adversity in their ministry.  

So, how do missionaries, and those around them, respond in ways that help them to grow in resiliency? That question is why I’m conducting this research for my thesis. We have a lot to learn from missionaries who have been resilient.

My hope is that this research will not only contribute to our understanding but also help us to better prepare and care for future missionaries; so that, with God’s help, they too may experience long and fruitful ministries.  

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