Nativity Appeal Update

I want to tell you about a special webinar I’m hosting for you next week and update you on our Nativity Appeal.  But first, Blessed Feast of St. Nicholas! (here is a picture I took of St. Nicholas’ tomb when I passed through Bari, Italy on my way to Albania last January). 


The webinar will be next Tuesday from 7-8 pm EST. If this time doesn’t work, I’ll send you a link to the replay so you can watch it at your convenience.   I’d really like to hear what you’d be interested in, so can you fill out this 2 question survey?


We love doing these special webinars—it’s a great way to share a little of our heart and passion and vision with you, and am really looking forward to having the time together (so to speak).

Around Thanksgiving I sent you our Nativity Appeal.  I shared about John—who is planting a Church in his living room in China.  I need to correct one typo.  I said there have been 7 baptisms, the actual number is 1 with 7 regular participants (two of whom are catechumens). 

I also invited you to join us by making a special year-end gift and helping us reach our goal of raising $6,000 by December 31st.  We’ve been very blessed by the initial response.


  • 1  gift at     $750

  • 2  gifts at   $500

  • 3  gifts at   $200

  • 2  gifts at    $100

  • 5 gifts at      $50

  • 3 gifts at      $25

  •    total     $2,865    That’s almost 50% of our goal!!!!

What I didn’t have space to share with you was the impact reaching our goal will have.

I’m currently working at about 50% capacity and reaching our goal would move that up to 75%—that’s huge. That extra time would allow us to expand our care in some manageable but meaningful ways.

Let me give you an example of something our missionaries are requesting:  As I’ve talked with our missionaries, again and again they have expressed a desire to foster community between them, because there currently aren’t intentional avenues for them to interact with one another.

I want to change that next year.

One idea I have, that missionaries have said would be really helpful, would be to have a regular time to connect virtually (like through a webinar and a Facebook group). 

It’s a strategy that has a lot of promise—it cultivates regular space to connect without being resource heavy.  I’m dreaming of being able to share enriching content (myself and through guest speakers) and giving space for discussion and updates from one another in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. 

You can look at this graph from a recent survey I gave—all missionaries expressed interest in fostering community, and the vast majority expressed significant interest! 


Obviously, this is just something that we’ve got to try and do.

But cultivating space for community takes time and effort, just like cultivating land for a garden does.  When we reach our goal of raising $6,000 by December 31st, we’ll have the resources to do it next year.

Your special year-end gift can make it happen. Here are the slots we still need filled. 


1   person at  $1,000

1   people at     $750

1   people at     $500

1   people at     $200

3  people at      $100

4  people at        $50

7  people at        $25

     TOTAL        $3,125


You can take one of these slots by giving on-line at:

When you do, you will help us expand this model of missionary care from something we do with missionaries to something we empower missionaries to offer to one another.  It multiplies care, and the icing on the cake is that we will have done it together—a community of supporters building a community of support. 

With Gratitude,

Geoff Whiteman

P.S.  You can also mail your tax-deductible donation made payable to OCMC with “Whiteman Family” in the memo line to 220 Mason Manatee Way, St. Augustine, FL 32086.