I can’t believe this happened! (+2nd Quarter Update)

In prepping for my trip to visit our missionaries in January I researched missionary care resources in Albania to connect them with, because I believe with the very marrow in my bones that missionary care belongs to the whole church facilitated by a few with that unique calling.

Through that research I meet Ton Vogt and learned of the Albanian Encouragement Project.  Then a few months ago, Ton reached out and invited me to the AEP annual missionary conference in Montenegro (October 12-23) to give a workshop on the impact of cross-cultural ministry stress on missionary families and to be available for individual couple counseling as requested by this group of 100-150 evangelical missionaries.

We reached out to some of our supporters, and they generously pledged enough money to cover not only my airfare, but Kriss’ too!  When Kriss and I began dreaming about this ministry years ago, we hoped we’d have a chance like this--we just never imagined it would be happening this October!

The other big financial news is that, thanks to a number of new first time financial partners, I’ve been able to increase my work load by about 20%.  I’m so grateful for God’s continued provision through the generosity of others!

I have two other significant trips later this year:  

St. Augustine, FL (8/19-28) to facilitate OCMC New Candidate Orientation & Becoming One Marriage Enrichment Workshop at St. Justine the Martyr.

Somerset, NJ (11/1-6) to give a workshop on Missionary Resiliency at the OCAMPR Conference.

Can you put these 3 trips on your calendar and be praying for them?  Also if you live near, let me know so we can find a way to connect.

Finally, I’m honored to share a paper that Kriss gave at the American Society of Missiology in June.  It’s a compelling case for the theological foundation for development work (or alms ministry) and how that foundation can inform our approach.  I hope it inspires you like it inspired me.

With warmest regards,

Geoff Whiteman