Becoming One: Skills for a Lifetime of Love Teaches the Skills busy couples USE To connect deeply.

Becoming One is more than a communication class--rather it teaches the habits and skills of successful relationships.  That's why on average marital satisfaction keeps growing three months after the workshop!

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This has given me confidence in being able to share how I feel in a constructive way.  This has been super helpful!  Thank you!
I’ve been looking for ways to improve my listening skills and how that can improve my relationships.  Being able to repeat and give back my understanding will be very key in my home and in my work moving forward.
I discovered feelings and concerns for both myself and my husband that I didn’t even know were there, and found a way to address them in a healthy way.
Coming into this retreat, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted and unmotivated from life.  My hope was to leave with rejuvenation and direction, armed with a new attitude and a plan for the issues my husband and I face.  This workshop was precisely what I needed.  Kriss and Geoff’s gift of time and devotion to sharing these skills with us breathed new life into our marriage and helped me to feel motivated and invigorated to take what I learned home and begin practicing!