"Suffering is inevitable, but suffering alone is intolerable" observes famed marriage therapist Dr. Sue Johnson.  This is as true in ministry as it is in marriage. 

We believe missionary care is about serving God's servants by walking along side you--sharing in the joys and tragedies that always accompany the life of a disciple.

Our approach to missionary care is empathy driven, and focused on finding strengths and building skills.

We help missionaries build resiliency by strengthening relationships, building well-being, and uncovering the positive meaning hidden in life.

We coordinate missionary care for OCMC by offering concentric circles of care:

  • Connect regularly to offer a listening ear, encouragement, and prayer.
  • Provide e-Resources like BLOG POST and WEBINARS.
  • Confidential COUNSELING for every member of the family as needed.
  • Debriefing RETREATS at the conclusion of each term.
  • Access to a growing DATABASE of people who help missionaries.
  • Help local churches embrace their unique role in missionary care.

Our primary source of funding is the generosity of our faithful partners who through their regular prayers and donations are making this dream a reality.  We supplement our support through COUPLES COUNSELING and MARRIAGE WORKSHOPS.

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