selah retreats

Private, personalized, one-on-one retreats for debriefing.

Selah is a Hebrew word that peppers the Psalms.  It indicates the need for a pause.  That's what our Selah Retreats offer: a pause, a chance to catch your breath. We facilitate these retreats at our home in Central Kentucky, or at a location that's best for you.

In a relaxed environment, debriefing gives you space to reflect on the previous term.  What were the joys and the challenges?

Many missionaries discover friends and supporters don't know how to talk with them about their experience.  They find having dedicated time to share about their experiences with a caring professional to be an important aspect of longevity in ministry.  Depending on your needs, debriefing normally last one to two days. 

That kind of space, frees you up to take the time you need to share your story. 

Then we give ample time to looking toward the future and your immediate needs related to furlough and re-entry.

  • Are your basic needs covered: housing, transportation, etc.?
  • Do you have any medical concerns or check-ups that need to be scheduled? Dental work?
  • Do you need to take care of personal matters with your home, car, update your will etc.
  • What is your strategy and schedule for connecting with supporters? Do you anticipate meeting your budget goals?
  • What is your plan to visit family?  For rest and renewal?
  • I keep a growing database of people who help missionaries.  I'll connect you with this network of support.

We'll work with you to craft a plan that's right for you.

We recommend that you schedule your Selah Retreat as soon as you know you are returning and within the first month of your re-entry.  For our OCMC Missionaries, the cost of these retreats (excluding your travel) is covered through the generous support of our ministry partners

Please email us to arrange your next Selah Retreat.

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