Christ is Risen! Now What?

In our culture, Easter can be many things... the Halloween of the Spring...a time to gorge on candy--serious how are Peet's still a thing? It can be a church outreach fair or a family holiday.

But, I'd argue that it can be, and properly is THE DAY.  The day that illumines all our other days.  The day that gives meaning to our life.  The day we encounter the Risen Christ actually bringing life to our mortified hearts, not abstractly, but personally.

How can we move beyond the domestication, commodification, and exploitation of Easter to encounter this day as THE DAY?

Terrorist in Paris-Now What?

The terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015 shocked the world.  The attacks were not on symbols of government like the Pentagon.  Nor were they even in retribution for insulting cartoons of the Prophet.

They took place in a restaurant, a club, a stadium.  They were an attack on a way of life.  Their purposelessness reveals their deep meaning--there is no room for negotiation, there is no diplomatic recourse. We Are At War.  In this blog I want to suggest a Christian response.